Green XL Car Airco Cleaner

An innovative, natural and environmentally friendly air conditioning cleaner on probiotic basis.

Interior fresheners are no cleaners and masking only the unpleasant smell. Green XL cleans the air conditioning on probiotic basis, allowing you, your engineers and your customer no toxic substances. You are socially responsible business, it brings to the easy additional sales and is even ready in 5 minutes! With the Green XL car airco cleaner you can do this maintenance from now on a safe and environmentally friendly way!

Your benefits of Green XL:
✓Cheaper (than many other auto airco cleaner)
✓Turnover bringer (workshop sales increase on easy way)
✓Simple to use (within 5 minutes)
✓Green and environmentally friendly (corporate social responsibility)
✓No toxic substances (safe for you, your engineers and your customers)

Cleanse with probiotics. How does it work?
The cleansing effect of probiotics is similar to the cleansing effect of organic SOAP. This makes long-term clean after the bacteria (probiotics) are made to the air conditioning. Once the probiotics come in contact with organic material (pollution) germs the tracks in which the bacterium is located. The pollution is cleaned up and digested by enzymes that are produced by the bacteria.

The benefits:
• Simple to use and ready in 5 min.
• Can be processed in a wet heater House
• 100% natural
• Safe for you and your environment
• Save our environment
• No toxic substances
• Prevents the risks related to chemical accidents (without chlorine and acids)
• Non aggressive and non-corrosive
• Is completely safe for skin and clothing
• Promotes a healthy indoor environment
• Reduces the risk of allergy

green XL

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