The most important advantage of probiotic cleaning was made clear from the above explanations, namely, the installation of a healthy microflora which remains healthy as long as the probiotic cleaning is applied.

We know from experience that some questions are always made, such as those

Don’t the harmful germs become resistant to probiotics?

No, the microorganisms can not become resistant to other microorganisms, only to chemicals that threaten them. There are no biocide chemicals in the probiotic cleaning, so no resistance.

Are the probiotics safe?

Definitely. The probiotics used by Green XL are internationally approved for use in food. Moreover, Green XL performs some additional tests to be absolutely sure.

Why don’t we stop with cleaning to maintain the natural microflora?

There are places where people and animals live together or are simply dirty, which creates an additional burden on microbial space. In these places, it must be cleaned in order to keep the situation livable. Therefore, better probiotic cleaning than chemical.

Is it a lot of work to apply probiotic cleaning?

Not more than with regular cleaning. You use the products just like the other products, with a minimum of twice a week for optimal effect.

Besides the great advantage in terms of microbiology, the probiotic cleaners have many other advantages, such as:

Deep cleaning:

The probiotics remove dirt and biofilm deep into the surface.

Odor control:

odors are often formed by undesirable micro-organisms, also these are replaced by the probiotics that don’t produce odors.


Unlike many of the chemical cleaners and disinfectants, the probiotic
products are very safe to use.


the probiotics are not only 100% natural, but they actively collaborate when it comes to wastewater treatment. They are environment enhancing instead of only environment friendly.