Green XL has developed a series of probiotic cleaners that provide a layer of good micro-organisms that act on the surface during and after use. Wondering how you can solve the problems with harmful micro-organisms by adding a lot of extra bacteria? The microbial community through its own dynamics (as explained in the microbial Dynamics ) provides the solution.


We take again a surface where food, moisture and space is available to keep a microbial community of up to 100 micro-organisms alive. Immediately after the first probiotic cleaning, the probiotics will occupy all the empty places on the surface. No other micro-organisms are killed or replaced, there is only the addition of good micro-organisms (probiotics) on the surface. The microbial community will look like this:

Total 100: 82 good, 18 bad, 0 empty

The surface is now ocuppied with the maximum of 100 micro-organisms. What happens thereafter is revolutionary.

Since the maximum 100 micro-organisms on the surface is immediately reached, the micro-organisms send out a signal (quorum sensing) in order to reduce their activity. Already after a few days, a large number of microorganisms have died of old age and by the reduced activity, no new microorganisms are quickly replaced. This state is maintained on the microbial
community untill their number is decreased again to below 100 microorganisms. Only then, will they switch back to normal activity. However, as a new charge of good microorganisms is added on each probiotic cleanining,
despite the decreased activity of the microbial community, their numbers never fall below 100. The probiotic cleaning keeps the number of microorganisms to 100 or more. By continuing to use probiotic cleaning, the original microbial community will thus be forced to continuously decreased activity, so that the Original micro-organisms will disappear with age from the community. After several cleanings, the probiotic microbial community will be changed as follows:

Total 100: 96 good, 4 bad, 0 empty

This surface has been largely occupied with good micro-organisms, and this has been achieved without having to use biocidal chemistry. We rely on the self-regulating effect of nature to obtain healthy microflora with probiotics.

We would like to show the different situations together as a comparison:

The starting situation, a natural microflora:

Chemical cleaning and disinfection (immediate effect on the left and final effect on the right)


Probiotic cleaning (immediate effect on the left and final effect on the right)


For our theoretichal surface of 100 availale spots the end result is:

disinfection: (22 good, 38 bad, 40 empty)
probiotic cleaning: (96 good, 4 bad, 0 empty)

Thus, it is clear that through the use of probiotic cleaning, a healthy microflora is created, without killing harmful micro-organisms.